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Each selected deep ocean water (DOW) site will be provided with an integrated multi-product DOW system. Two main types of DOW systems can be designed to serve many purposes. Type 1 is a basic DOW system for a self-sufficient tropical coastal desert community, which is economically, culturally and environmentally sustainable.

The type 1 system consists of:

  • Two 24-inch polyethylene intake pipes
  • A pumping station (reservoirs with stainless steel submersible pumps)
  • An administration building
  • Air conditioning for dwellings, offices and community buildings
  • Cooling facilities for agriculture and aquaculture produce and fish catch
  • 100 acres or more for cold water agriculture (farms, orchards and vineyard)
  • 16 acres or more for marine aquaculture
  • A closed-cycle hybrid cycle OTEC plant for generation of electricity and production of fresh, desalinated water

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A Type 2 system focuses on providing high market value recreational experiences, e.g., eco-hotels, eco-resorts and sports facilities in tropical coastal desert locations. It may or may not include an adjacent village community or town with a DOW agriculture-aquaculture park for resort and market needs. It may be possible to combine a Type 2 system with a Type 1 facility to provide the fresh vegetables, fruits as well as finfish and shellfish products needed for the resort, local use and market, but also resort air conditioning and high quality landscaping and sports fields for soccer, tennis, bowling or golf courses with DOW Ecoturf developed by the Common Heritage Corporation.

The first soccer stadium to be built in one of our DOW sites will be named "Guido Boscolo Stadium" in memory of Mr. Guido Boscolo, a great soccer enthusiast, a member of the AS Monaco Football Club and a lover of Haiti and its people, who died unexpectedly and prematurely at the age of 34.

Like the Type 1 DOW system, the Type 2 system includes a scalable closed-cycle hybrid OTEC plant to provide continuous, base-load electric power, unlike other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar which are inherently intermittent in nature. The separate evaporator and surface condenser of the hybrid plant constitute a second stage for the production of significant quantities of pure, fresh water. Each component of these two types of integrated DOW systems exists and has been shown to work reliably and in synergy with the other components.


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